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Maunu Cemetery Open Day

This page contains information about the Award Winning Maunu Cemetery Open Day on 23 February 2019.
Updated: 7/02/2019 9:25 a.m.
Photograph of Council's cemeteries team.
​Council's cemeteries team celebrating the
Green Flag Award.

​Thinking about the future? Or even, “the end”? Whangarei’s two-time Green Flag Award winning Maunu Cemetery is being opened up to the public on Saturday 23 February. 

“We are inviting everyone to visit and find out all about our top quality operation and beautiful environment,” said Senior Cemetery Operator Hayden Parr. 

“The Open Day is about providing a time and space for people to think about plans for the future and talk about these things outside of a time of grief. 

“Often people visit us only when someone they care for has died, and while we frequently hear how lovely people find the cemetery at those times, a funeral is not an occasion when people want to stop and have a look around and ask all sorts of questions. 

“Some might think of cemeteries as sad places and death might not be something they want to talk about, but this open day is a chance to find out about practical, business-like things.  We will show people around, explain how everything works, provide information about the cemetery and the people interred there. 

“There are lots of sections to visit, including a tree of remembrance for stillborn babies, ash plots, an ashes glade, returned services sections and places for natural burials. We also have the chapel and the crematorium. 

“Our cemetery team are very proud of the work they do in such a caring field, and we are keen to show the public how well we care for those who have gone before.”

Open Day:

Saturday 23 February 2019
Maunu Cemetery
Cemetery Rd, Whangarei
10am till 2pm

Funeral Directors and Stonemasons will be there to answer questions.

Cemetery Staff will be on hand to answer questions as well as show people around and showcase new services on offer, such as natural burials.  



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