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Little Lilliput Library delights borrowers

This page contains information about our Little Lilliput Libraries that are popping up around Whangarei.
Updated: 28/11/2018 2:10 p.m.

​Four teeny, tiny, colourful little Lilliput Libraries have popped up around Whangārei, to the delight of borrowers* rather a lot larger than the ones in the famous book. 

Lilliput libraries are about the size of four shoeboxes taped together. They are transparent on the front, beautifully painted everywhere else, and are filled with…books!

They act as mini exchange libraries where people of all ages can take books out and add to the collections. 

The books are free, there are no membership requirements and books do not need to be returned. 

Whangarei Libraries Manager Paul Urlich said the Lilliput Libraries are built to withstand weather and climate conditions. 

“They are installed on the fence lines of properties so they are easily accessible to passers-by. The libraries are maintained by approved guardians who make sure there is a steady supply of appropriate material.

 “They can be found at strategically placed locations in towns, cities and even on the open road throughout the world - one of our staff saw one on the roadside in the middle of nowhere in Montana USA. And the first New Zealand ones appeared in Dunedin in 2015.

“In future, we plan to have them in kindergartens, rest homes, private homes, hospitals and in fact anywhere where they will be both used and looked after. 

“We can provide the books or the Guardians may like to provide their own which is what Barnardos are doing.”

Whangārei’s four teeny, tiny, colourful little Lilliput Libraries are:

  • outside Barnardos,
  • 2 Armstrong Street, Maunu
  • Stepping Stones Daycare Centre, 153A Bank Street
  • Raumati Crescent, Onerahi
  • Pataua South. 

“Lilliput Libraries is a Poem in the Waiting Room project and we acknowledge their assistance in establishing them in the Whangarei District,” said Mrs Urlich. 

*Get it? The Lilliputtians were little and so were the Borrowers.  




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