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Level 3 Water Restrictions come in to Force

This page contains a news story about Water Restrictions being moved to Level 3 as part of the effort to save water in our District.
Updated: 29/04/2020 10:28 a.m.
Image showing the "branding" for Water Restriction Level 3.

The 12 months to date have been the driest in recorded history in Whangārei District. Dam, river and groundwater levels have fallen to record low levels. While residents on the public water supply have succeeded in their efforts to reduce water use, insufficient rain to replenish these sources has fallen, and little rain is forecast in coming months.

In a bid to further reduce water use across our District, Whangarei District Council is establishing Level three water restrictions in the Whangārei District at 8am on Thursday

16 April 2020.

Residential - Allowable water use


Typical indoor water use is not restricted, but please reduce demand where you can.

Washing hands with soap - Yes
Brushing teeth & other personal hygiene - Yes
Cooking, drinking, washing dishes - Yes

Garden watering

Sprinklers - No
Irrigation systems - No
Hand held hose (with automatic shut off) - No
Bucket - Yes

Vehicle washing

Hand held hose (with automatic shut off) - No
Water blaster - No
Bucket - Yes

Swimming pools

Filling from mains supply - No
Filling via water tanker from alternate supply area - Yes

Building and Paved area cleaning

Hand held hose (with automatic shut off) - No
Water blaster - No
Bucket - Yes

Filling Water TanksWater Tanks

Registered water carrier - No
Registered water carrier from unrestricted supply - Yes

Flushing boat engines

With hose for no more than 2 minutes - No
In bucket and recycle water - Yes

Commercial and Industrial - Allowable water use

Gardens, lawns and private fields

Sprinklers - No
Irrigation systems - No
Hand held hose (with automatic shut off) - No
Bucket - Yes

Market garden,  plant nursery

Efficient plant water as required - No
With written approval (limitations will apply) - Yes

Public swimming pools

Filling from mains - Yes

Car washes and commercial vehicle washing

Mains pressure water systems with no recycling - No
High pressure water systems - Yes
Recycled water systems (with written approval) - Yes

Public fountains

Filling from mains - No

Fire fighting

Emergency use only - Yes

Cleaning water

Hand held hose (with automatic shut off) - No
Water blaster - with written permission only
Bucket - Yes

Construction water

Water tanker or metered standpipes - No
No construction water provided.

Municipal sports fields

Established fields fed from mains - No
Critical fields with approved watering plans - Yes 


Note: Industrial users will be requested to review their water demand and reduce usage as much as possible during periods of drought. The use of recycled water is not restricted; however, the use of top-up water must be minimised.

These restrictions will remain in place until water sources are sufficiently restored.

For more information on water saving tips go to Be Water Wise:

This notice is given under clause of the Water Supply Bylaw 2012.  



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