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Winter season congestion at Kensington

This page contains information about giving advice to drivers using the Kensington area parking.
Updated: 11/09/2017 9:53 a.m.

​Winter always brings parking congestion to the roads around Kensington Park.

With no immediate plans to increase parking Whangarei District Council's enforcement, parks and roading departments have provided the following advice to drivers using the park. 


Parking tickets are given when a vehicle is parked in a way that breaks the rules. 

This includes parking 

  • across driveways, blocking residents' access to their own homes
  • on grass verges, damaging the pipes, cables and lines under the ground and the turf on the verges
  • on paths, obstructing footpath users including people on mobility scooters. 

At the beginning of every winter Council puts warning fliers under the windscreen wipers of vehicles that are infringing the rules, warning that ticketing will be starting soon.  

After a few weeks of this ‘educational approach' Council switches to tickets. 

The solution is to plan ahead, consider creative options like car pooling, leave home earlier, drop players off at the ground, find parking and walk back. 

A side thought

While there are no current plans to increase parking in the area, people are encouraged to get onto the website (link below) and tell Whangarei District Council what it needs to consider when it's putting together its 10-year plan next year. 

HereToWhere website

WDC Chief Executive Rob Forlong said now was the perfect time for people to be very clear about what they want to see in the district. 



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