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Keeping our District Plan up to date

This page contains information about Council reviewing and updating the sections on notable and public trees, and signs and artificial lighting in the District Plan.
Updated: 28/09/2017 9:30 a.m.

Trees, Signs & Lighting

Our District Plan sets out the rules for how land can be used and developed in our District. It also serves to protect our environment and resources.

The District Plan is made up of chapters or sections covering everything from subdivision and development to landscapes, dealing with natural hazards, electricity and power lines, noise, trees, signage and lighting.

The District Plan is reviewed regularly to ensure it aligns with other Council policies and plans.

We are currently updating the sections on notable and public trees, and signs and artificial lighting.

Draft Plan Change 129 NPT Notable & Public Trees 

Trees are an important part of our district with unique historical, ecological, cultural and amenity values. This proposed plan change will not change the list of scheduled trees already included in the District Plan, all of which would remain protected under the proposed provisions, but submissions could seek to add or remove trees.

This plan change (PC129) proposes that we replace the Heritage Tree provisions currently in different sections of the plan with one district wide chapter called Notable and Public Trees (NPT). The rules in the Plan are designed to protect individual trees or groups of trees.

Trees with unique historical, ecological, cultural and amenity values will be identified as notable. 

Trees in road reserves, parks and reserves are visually appealing and provide important ecological functions, but can also sometimes conflict with the use of public amenities. These trees will be known as public trees, with allowances made for necessary works.

Draft Plan Change 82 SAL Signs & Artificial Lighting 

Signs and artificial lighting are important features of the urban environment and play an important role in contributing to the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of our district. They also have the potential to generate adverse effects. This chapter of the Plan will manage these adverse effects and identify appropriate limits for both signs and lighting. 

Plan change (PC82) would replace the individually repeated signage and lighting rules throughout all Environments (zones) in the District Plan with one district-wide chapter that relates to signs and lighting.

The proposed changes will:

  • help make sure the provisions are understood and applied.
  • ensure the technical detail including the standards referred to in the provisions are up to date.

If you are directly affected by these changes, you will get a letter from us outlining the process we are going through and how you can give feedback on it – now and once the formal plan change process begins. Copies of relevant District Plan provisions and the full District Plan are on our District Plan pages on our website.

Feedback on this first part of the process closes on Friday 10 November.

You will also have the chance to make a formal submission when the plan change is publicly notified later in the year.



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