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Kamo Cemetery Memorial Preservation

A number of damaged memorial stones at Kamo Cemetery are to receive some tender loving care in a joint project between Whangarei District Council and Robinson Memorials.
Updated: 28/07/2014 11:20 a.m.
Image of Kamo Cemetery.

​Entrance to Kamo Cemetery on
Ketenikau Road.

​Cemeteries Manager Helen Cairns said the Kamo Cemetery located on Ketenikau Road is an important part of the Kamo community and Council is proud to be its custodian.

“We have been pleased to be able to offer some improvements to the grounds in recent years and this year we will be continuing our efforts with specific attention to some of the memorials that have fallen in to disrepair,” she said.

“Time and the elements have taken their toll on these memorials so we have got together with our friends at Robinson Memorials to identify those most in need and develop a plan to care for them.

“With limited resources we have to select those memorials which we are most able to preserve with our intervention, although these are not necessarily those most identifiable as being damaged. Our intention is not to restore all the memorials, we certainly hope that we will be able to continue this important work year on year, and in time, the cemetery memorials will be preserved for future generations.

“This project is part of our ongoing historic cemeteries programme and the Cemetery team is always pleased to hear your feedback and answer any questions you may have.” Please contact Helen Cairns on 09 430 4207.



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