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Jog for dogs and win microchip

This page contains information about the SPCA's Jog4Dogs event on Sunday 5 November 2017.
Updated: 9/11/2017 8:32 a.m.

Council’s animal control contractor Armourguard, is getting right behind a fun event aimed at making life better for dogs in our district. 

On Sunday 5 November the team will join the SPCA’s jog 4 dogs event in Whangarei, helping to raise much needed money for the Whangarei SPCA to continue looking after unfortunate animals in the Whangarei region. 

“This is a fantastic event In which the relationship between people and their dogs can be celebrated in the public eye,” said Armourguard’s Northland Regional Manager Warwick Taylor. 

People who work in animal control have a real affection and respect for animals - the things we sometime see in the course of our work can be pretty hard for animal lovers. That’s why we like working with the SPCA. They do so much to improve the situation for all sorts of animals, including dogs. 

“We plan to have some SPCA or Armourguard dogs up for adoption on the day. It would be great to see a great new owner and a dog take a shine to each other.” 

“The day will start by A’Fare Restaurant on Hihiaua peninsula, just down river from the Town Basin. A nice walk, some socialising on a beautiful November Day with the Hatea River and Te Matau a Pohe as the backdrop – what could be better? 

“There will be spot prizes, a major raffle drawn on the day with over 20 prizes, a play area with paddling pools, refreshments and lots more. We look forward to seeing you there.” 

Mr Taylor said it was also an opportunity to get out and do some fun, bonding work with animals, before Guy Fawkes night, when loud sounds, screeches, thumps and lights from fireworks could be stressful for pets. 

“More than anything though, there is something quite serene and special about seeing families and their pets in unison, enjoying time together to support and appreciate Whangarei SPCA and the work they do in the community.

“The SPCA does amazing things for animals and not for profit or recognition, or even because they are asked to:  it’s because they have a passion for the health and well-being of all animals, that runs deep within their organisation.

“This is a great chance to come out and honour the support that they provide us with every day.”

Event organiser Pet Essentials has information and registration available at from $15 per person, with all proceeds going directly to Whangarei SPCA and to the welfare of animals in need. 

Armourguard and Council will be sponsoring a giveaway of 25 free microchipping vouchers to encourage responsible dog ownership on the day.



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