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Hot diggity dog registration!

​It’s July!  That means it’s time for your best friend (of the k9 4-legged variety) to get a new piece of plastic jewellery for his / her collar!
Updated: 1/07/2014 12:00 a.m.
Image of dog registration at Forum North.

Dog registration at Forum North.

If your dog (or even outrageously cute little puppy) is 12 weeks of age or older, it must be registered by 31 July, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Registering your dog is WAAAAY cheaper than getting a fine for not registering it.

The registration fee varies depending on whether your dog is a service dog, whether it is de-sexed or not, or whether it’s a working dog or a dangerous breed, but in every case paying this month is the best option cost-wise.

The fine for having an unregistered dog is $300. If the dog is impounded a $122 impound fee is added to the $300 fine, along with $20 a day for each day the dog is impounded.


​Registration  ​($)
Standard (dog not de-sexed) ​$60.00
​Late Fee Standard (dog not de-sexed) ​$88.00
​Discounted Fee Owner (desexed dog) ​$47.00
​Late Fee Discounted Owner (desexed dog) ​$70.00
​Working Dogs ​$46.00
​Late Fee – working dog ​$60.00
​Dangerous Dog  ​150% of relevant fee
​Service Dogs ​$7.00
​Puppy Fees ​1/12th the relevant fee for each complete month remaining in the registration year

Online payments

You can now pay your dog re-registration fee online. To re-register your dog for 2014-2015, click on the following link:



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