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New Rugby Fields for Horahora

​Work is about to begin on a new surface for Horahora Rugby Club’s Number One field. 
Updated: 13/06/2018 10:57 a.m.
Photograph of rugby players on field.

​Work is about to begin on a new surface for Horahora Rugby Club’s Number One field.

The two-year $380,000 project will involve re-surfacing the No.1 field this summer and the No.2 field next year.

Council's Project Engineer Rachael Mannion said over the next couple of weeks the grass on the No.1 field will be killed off with weed spray, and then removed by specialised machines brought in for the job by Council’s contractor Recreational Services.

“Their Whangarei branch has the contract to maintain all our fields, but this work will be done by a specialised team they have based in Auckland,” said Miss Mannion.

“Once the grass has been stripped the field will be levelled, new irrigation will go in, and sand-slit drainage will be installed to keep the fields from getting boggy in winter.  Couch grass will be sown and left to get established.

“The field may be out of action for most of winter, depending on how quickly the grass takes.  Next summer we will begin on the second field.”

Miss Mannion said the field would be like the new fields developed at Springs Flat before the Fifa U-20 tournament last year.

Aerial photograph of Horahora rugby fields.

​The field on the left will be re-surfaced this year and the field on the right will be re-surfaced next year.



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