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Honour great citizens now!

If you or your community group knows of a citizen worthy of recognition by the District, now is the time to get their name and details into us.
Updated: 27/02/2018 2:32 p.m.

Civic Honours Award nomination forms are now available on the Council website, says Chairman of the Civic Awards selection panel, Councillor Crichton Christie.

"We are now giving people more time to nominate the District’s deserving volunteers.

"Nominations can be made throughout the year, with the exception of the time between the close of nominations in May and the Civic Honours Awards ceremony around the end of August.

“In the past, nominations have opened in mid April and closed at the end of May, but whe have extended the time frame so that people can be nominated over 10 months of the year, providing people with more time to get their material together.

“When a worthy candidate pops to mind, they will now be able to nominate them almost  immediately, rather than waiting for next April to roll around,” Cr Christie says.

“We anticipate this will bring in more nominations of a very high standard.”

Whangarei District Council honours up to four citizens for outstanding voluntary service every year. Anyone who has made a significant voluntary contribution to the community through their personal leadership, inspiration, sacrifice or devotion to a cause is eligible.

 “These are people who have been giving to others for many years without thought of reward for themselves,” Cr Christie says

“There are many of them out there and we want to give people greater scope to tell us about them.” 

Each potential recipient must be nominated by at least two people who must put together as much information as they can to show how and why their nominee is a strong candidate.

Closing date

Nominations for this year's Civic Honours Awards close at 4pm on Friday 22 May.

“The Civic Honours Selection Panel will then consider all nominations and decide on up to four recipients by the end of June,” Cr Christie says.

“This is always a humbling process as we come to see the extent of selfless giving in our community over many years and in multiple roles.

“That will become particularly apparent this year with the longer nomination period, and we look forward to that.”

For more information about the awards and access to a nomination from follow this link:



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