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Gully trap inspections - Hikurangi

This page contains information about the inspection of gully traps in Hikurangi.
Updated: 16/11/2018 10:53 a.m.

​Gully traps in Hikurangi will be inspected by Council contractor ProjectMax as part of a programme to improve drainage in the area. 

WDC Waste and Drainage engineer Casper Kandori said the team will carry out visual inspections of gully traps and drainage pipes on all Hikurangi properties that are connected to the Council wastewater system.

“We have made some major improvements to the public pipeline network but the sewers still get heavily overloaded with stormwater and ground water in wet weather. 

“This can be through cracks in the pipes under the ground, or when it flows into gully traps that are lower than flooded areas. When this extra water overwhelms the sewer system it contributes to sewage spills.

“The contractors working on behalf of Whangarei District Council will be carrying identification cards to show householders.

“If our team finds any problems with the gully traps or drainage pipes on anyone’s property, we will make contact regarding fixing them. For most properties, these checks will simply be routine and no further action will need to be taken.



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