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Here to Where - Submission period closed 6 August

This page contains information about comments and topics raised by members of the public during the 'Here to Where' campaign. The feedback period closed Sunday 6 August.
Updated: 11/09/2017 9:45 a.m.

The top priorities for people commenting online about Whangarei's next 10-year plan are promoting new business, industry, employment, taking care of water, sewerage, stormwater, rubbish and recycling.

The website was set up to find out what people want Council to focus on over the next 10 years. It has attracted more than 300 comments from around 170 people. The feedback period closed midnight Sunday 6 August.

Once the feedback is collated it will be considered when Council's Long Term Plan is drafted for next year's formal consultation process.

So far, more than 300 responses have been gathered on around 20 subjects and 10 of Council's activities have been ranked on a scale of one to 10.

After promoting new business and taking care of core services, the online community's next priorities are:

  • improving our roads
  • making the most of the District's landscape and environment
  • recreational facilities including sportsfields, skateparks, play grounds, libraries, walkways, trails and cycleways and walkways
  • protecting, maintaining and enhancing our unique landscape and environment.

People mainly found out about the website by word of mouth, or social media, followed closely by the newspaper, then the WDC website, radio and public meetings.

Some of the comments received 

  • Reduce land use restrictions.
  • Require all new buildings to connect to the town sewerage system.
  • Improve the Rose Street bus stop and introduce a seven-day bus timetable that runs later and more frequently after 5pm.
  • Set up a group to facilitate developers coming to the district.
  • Create more parking and more disability car parks. 
  • Progress plans to develop a natural burials' site at Maunu Cemetery.
  • Install a gondola from the Town Basin to Parihaka and a mountain bike track down.
  • A harbour crossing car ferry at one tree point.
  • A multi event facility over existing car park beside the proposed Hundertwasser building.
  • A public beach at town basin area.
  • Apartments along river/harbour's edge.
  • Retro games, including giant and normal Jenga, Connect 4, and other throwbacks.

You can read more about the 'Here to Where Whangarei' campaign and how to make your submission here:



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