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Check Maps for your Property

This page contains a news story about the GIS Maps website and how you can check information for your property. 
Updated: 13/08/2020 2:46 p.m.

Following the floods in July many people may have a heightened interest in the hazards their properties may face, and appreciate the GIS Maps tool available online.

This is a tool that provides a large amount of publicly available information about properties in our District, presented in a mapping format.

By entering an address, the legal description or parcel ID of a property, maps of properties are revealed.

A menu can be used to reveal multiple layers of information relating to a property (although not the property owner's name or details).

Boundaries, lakes, plantations, native bush, aerial views, water and waste water lines, reserves, road names, are just some of the things that can be revealed with a click.

A range of hazards are also visible using this tool – from coastal erosion, to mining, stability to acid, sulphate soils.

A menu on the page also provides access to rates information including property size, capital and land value and rates, but not owner’s names.

"Many of Council's departments refer to this mapping tool during their day to day work. It is a valuable source of information about the infrastructure we serve – roads, water supply, waste and drainage, rating information and more," said Council's Waste and Drainage Manager Simon Charles.

"As of this month we can now also use the maps to assess how stormwater is moving around our District – where the concentrations are, where water will pond, where it tends to flow when there is a flood. This will helps us plan our storm water management in future.

"It might also be helpful to people wanting to know more about their own property, or one they are interested in. "As technology develops and changes we are able to add more and more layers to these maps," said Mr Charles.

GIS Maps



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