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Freedom camping rules working well

This page contains information about the Camping in Public Places Bylaw.
Updated: 16/02/2018 2:58 p.m.

The start of summer has seen an influx of visitors to our District, who have been making the most of the ability to stay in some beautiful locations.

In December, Council adopted its first Camping in Public Places Bylaw which sets out the rules for where in what type of accommodation (tents or campervans) and for how long people can stay overnight in our public places.

There are 18 areas in our District where some or all types of non self-contained camping is permitted for one night only.  Self-contained vehicles can stay for up to three nights anywhere in our District except for our 38 prohibited locations.

Council's Bylaws Enforcement Coordinator Rochelle Deane said that so far this summer, we have had a very good response from the campers and the public.

“The close relationships between Council and our contractors, Armourguard and Recreational Services, has been working well with enforcement issues dealt with quickly and any issues with signs also being addressed.

“Sadly, we’ve had several signs vandalised but the quick turnaround over the holiday period to replace them by Recreational Services, has received praise from residents,” Ms Deane said.

Our Visitor Information Centres are also playing their part in making sure visitors to our District know the rules.

Council's i-Site Team Leader Cheryl Lee said, "as usual we’ve seen a big increase in visitors and the new brochure outlining the options for freedom camping is helpful in letting people know what they can do, rather than what they can’t.

“We had a French customer who has travelled the whole of New Zealand and she was pleasantly surprised by how our District handles freedom camping.

“She liked the brochure with all the options of freedom camping, praising how many sites there are to stay in, the shower facilities here at the i-Site and the clean toilets.

“She said it is the best district in all New Zealand. It’s great to hear people talking positively about our District,” Mrs Lee said.

All in all, the bylaw appears to be working well with just a couple of hotspots that we are focusing our enforcement efforts on, as well as improving the signs.

Further information on our Camping in Public Places page on our website (link below) or call us on 09 430 4200 to report any issues.



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