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Fight the plastic – use mPark instead

This page contains information about the benefits of using mPark that will reduce the number of tickets issued.
Updated: 16/11/2018 10:52 a.m.

Charlie and Quincy Carpenter presented 18 parking tickets they had collected from the beaches within the Whangārei District over a period of 9 weeks. They raised concerns about the plastic tickets finding their way into waterways and the effects they could have on marine life and asked Council to consider using paper tickets instead. 

Council’s roading team took this request seriously and investigated the situation.

“The best way for people to reduce the number of plastic-coated tickets issued is to use a system set up by a business called mPark– all it uses is electrons,” said Senior Roading Engineer Greg Monteith. 

“A person downloads the mPark App onto their phone, puts money onto their account and then uses the App to pay for parking spaces. 

“Make sure you have loaded enough money and that you have been registered as parking. If in doubt be sure and use the coin and ticket system. 

“Parking wardens check number plates of cars that don’t have physical tickets, to see if they are recorded as having mParked and if they do they move on without issuing an infringement notice. 

“So far 9,786 people have joined up, but there is plenty of room for many more!”

Mr Monteith explained that Council’s parking tickets are a polycoated paper ticket. They were introduced 10 years ago, because the paper tickets on dashboards used to fade so could not be read.

The paper also reacted to moisture and jammed in the machines, which was costly for ratepayers and inconvenient for customers. 

He said many councils have raised similar concerns with the manufacturers who are currently looking at non-plastic coated alternatives, but he thinks new systems in years to come will do away with tickets all together. 

What is mPark?

mPark allows customers to pay for parking via their smartphone.

How does it work?

Set up your account at (link below) and register a vehicle or multiple vehicles to the account.

Use a credit card to load funds onto your account.

When you park your car, log into the website from your smartphone.

Select the vehicle you want to park, the zone number you want to park in and the duration you want to park for.

Parking zone numbers will be clearly marked on the existing parking meters.

The parking fee is debited from your account and our database is updated to say your parking has been paid for.

Parking wardens can then check the database for your vehicle’s number plate.

No coins, no paper tickets, no waiting at the Pay and Display machines. No running back to feed the meter.

mPark will send an email to your smartphone to remind you that your parking is due to expire and allow you to top up without having to return to your car.


Setting up an account can be completed on your computer or smartphone (link below).

We recommended you use a computer for the initial set up before you want to park, possibly at home when you are not in a rush.

You will be sent an email to confirm that you wish to open an account. Follow the link in the email to activate your account. If you don’t receive an email, check your junkmail folder or our help page.





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