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Fence funding available – Apply now

This page contains information about funding that is available to help people fence off the unfenced waterways running through their properties in the Otuihau catchment.
Updated: 4/09/2017 2:24 p.m.

Funding is available to help people fence off the unfenced waterways running through their properties in the Otuihau catchment – be in quick. 

A group working on water quality at Otuihau/Whangārei Falls joined forces in 2015 to make the water at the falls healthier to swim in. The group includes Northland District Health Board, Northland Regional Council, Pehiaweri Marae, Tiki Pride, Whangarei District Council and the Whitebait Connection representatives.

As part of this project, Northland Regional Council was granted $258,000 from the Ministry for the Environment’s Community Environment Fund to help improve water quality at the falls between now and the end of 2019. 

Northland Regional Council Farm Plan Manager Lorna Douglas said new environmental protection rules that will require cattle, pigs and deer to be kept out of streams in this catchment are due to come into force by 2022. 

“Many of the streams in the catchment are used for stock drinking water so troughs will be needed when the streams are fenced off. 

“The grant can be used to help with the cost of the fencing, stock drinking troughs and native riparian plants” she said.  

“We aim to get as much fencing and alternative stock water supplies completed as we can.  We need people to get in now while there’s still money available, as there is no guarantee of future funding after 2019. 

Ms Douglas said fencing off all the streams in the catchment would be a big job. 

“Only 10% of the catchment was fenced in 2015.  We have made some progress since then, but there’s still a way to go.  

She said it is easy for landowners to apply for the funding – they just need to call her on 0800 002004, and she will go through the details with them. 




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