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Getting to grips with the engineering standards

This page contains information about the existing Environmental Engineering Standards (EES) that have recently been reviewed by Council.
Updated: 5/09/2017 4:07 p.m.

​Engineers, designers, planners or developers involved in new infrastructure in the Whangarei District are urged to find out about new engineering standards.

The existing Environmental Engineering Standards (EES) have recently been reviewed by the Whangarei District Council (WDC), following industry feedback that they needed to be easier to follow and aligned with best practice. 

The EES are the standards for any district development connected to WDC’s existing infrastructure networks. They cover the design of infrastructure, together with the process for obtaining consent and ultimately vesting the infrastructure with WDC.

The current standards were first adopted in 2010.

WDC is now seeking feedback on the re-draft. Once that feedback is considered, a revised draft will be adopted for formal consultation with information requirements then included in the District Plan through a plan change process. Given the timeframes for a plan change, industry professionals are being offered this opportunity for input to the EES early-on in the review process.  

WDC Project Manager Rachael Mannion said the review started with just minor changes to the standards’ technical content, but has expanded in scope.

“During the review, we saw problems with the wording and formatting of the 2010 standard that made it difficult to use. We decided a more detailed review was required to ensure alignment with best practice. 

“We also noted that a District Plan change would be required to make the document operational regardless of the extent of changes made to it. So, we decided to overhaul the document to ensure that the format was consistent and workable, that the technical specifications were best-practice and that issues practitioners experienced in the past would be unlikely to occur again.

“This included inspecting standards other councils developed and the way they presented them, then picking out the best elements to use in our standard,” Ms Mannion said.

Engineering and surveying consultants who use the document for development design and construction management, met at WDC last week for a presentation of the review process. Their feedback is due by the end of September.

“Consulting with them is critical to ensuring that the document has received industry input and is robust, sound and workable for those using it on a daily basis,” concluded Ms Mannion.



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