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Leading the Charge Road Trip of EVs

This page contains information about the 'Leading the Charge Road Trip' of Electric Vehicles that was in Whangarei on Tuesday 3 April 2018.
Updated: 11/04/2018 12:00 a.m.

​Staff Support Officer Werner Theron shows
visitors Catharine and Brian Fisher through
one of Council’s Electric Vehicles at the
'Leading the Charge Road Trip' on the
Canopy Bridge on Tuesday

Council was keen to support the 'Leading the Charge Road Trip' of Electric Vehicles (EVs) from Bluff to Cape Reinga when it arrived in Whangarei on Tuesday 3 April.

“Our Council has three electric Renaults, each of which has a range of 280km on one charge, said Staff Support Officer Werner Theron who manages the fleet.

“They cost so little to run and to charge up that we think the cost of an efficiency analysis will be higher than the cost of the power they have consumed since we got them,” he said.

He was quick to show visitors (and future car buyers) Catharine and Brian Fisher through one of Council’s EV's when they arrived at the Canopy Bridge at the Town Basin to look over the variety of EVs taking part in the road trip.

The idea of the road trip is to expose more people to EVs, provide an opportunity to sit in one, look it over, take it for a spin and find out more about EVs generally.

While Mrs Fisher was taken with the size of the vehicle and the special lights, Mr Fisher was impressed at how fewer parts there were to look after in an EV.

“Like anything electric you just press a button and go – you don’t have all those other systems that can go wrong in old combustion engines.”

The couple think they might replace their current petrol vehicle with an electric vehicle in about four years’ time. 



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