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Be kind - donate a blanket

This page contains information about the animal shelter and how you can support them.
Updated: 20/11/2018 3:30 p.m.

Council’s animal shelter team are keen to provide a way for people to be kind to the animals housed at the shelter.

“Not everyone is in a position to take a new dog on board, but there are other ways to help make things nicer for the animals we care for,” said Council’s Health and Bylaws Manager Reiner Mussle. 

“We really appreciate donations of clean bedding (old blankets, quilts, or towels) that the team uses to make the shelter a bit more comfortable for the dogs. 

“We can’t take duvet inners or electric blankets – dogs can get into all sorts of doggy trouble with those – but the rest just helps make life a bit better for them. 

“The team at the shelter have managed to home 40 dogs this year, which is heart warming for the team, who work with animals because they care about them. 

“The dogs go to homes that are checked to make sure they are right for the dog, families get new pets and it is a new beginning for everyone. 

“Sadly, not all dogs can be re-homed, but we still like them to have as good a life as possible for the short time they are with us, and that includes a comfortable place to lie down in their pens, so that’s why we like donations of bedding.”

If you are looking for a new fur friend, or if you would like to supply some bedding to make life just that little bit better for a dog who is staying with us, please call the Animal Shelter on 09 438 7513 . 



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