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Dog park group forms

A group of people who use the Dog Park are planning to form a committee to help manage the park.
Updated: 13/01/2015 1:37 p.m.

​The group will work with Whangarei District Council's Parks department to maintain and improve the facilities of the Dog Park.  It will also provide a link for information sharing and sponsorship, donations and grants.

An interim committee was formed with Tony Gill as Convener.  Spencer Jellyman is Whangarei District Council's representative who will liaise with the Committee.  A Newsletter will be posted at the Dog Park to keep users informed.

"Driving past the Whangarei Dog Park people will have noticed that a great deal of work has been undertaken," Mr Jellyman said. "Mounds have been created to improve winter ground conditions on half of the park, pathways have been covered with stripped bark and trees have been planted in and around the park to develop shade. 

"A new trough has been put in to help prevent dogs from becoming overheated and because some of them just enjoy a good splash around.   Recently shade sails have been erected near the concrete table and water trough.  These have been donated by Bunnings Warehouse.   There is still a great deal to be accomplished to improve the park for dogs and their owners."

“A public meeting will be held on 14 February at 10am at the Dog Park, so that we can set our goals, formalise a committee,  prioritise what needs to be done and the who will do it and how this will be achieved,” Mr Jellyman said.

"If you are a dog owner or dog park user and would like to join us in having a say in the future of the Dog Park, or you wish to help, please join us on the 14 February, or contact the committee at:

"We want to spread the word amongst dog park users that they have representation to set priorities, seek funding, and to liaise with one voice with Whangarei District Council.  We are also looking at doing a sausage sizzle to raise some much needed funds."



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