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District weathers storm

This page contains information about the rainstorm our district  had in the month of June 2018.
Updated: 5/07/2018 11:24 a.m.

​June’s major rainstorm caused less damage than expected, but it still meant all-nighters for people attending to the problems it did cause. 

When 175mm of rain fell in 48 hours over June 20 and 21, more than normally falls in the whole month, it closed access to Whangaruru School, caused flooding across roads, slips, pot holes, gravel and clay to wash down driveways and across public roads and knocked down trees. 

Council contractors worked throughout the night, putting up signs, barriers and cones as problems were phoned through to them, so people would be warned of hazards as they headed out at daybreak.

Sediment washing into streams made the water too dirty to process so Poroti, Ruddells and Ahuroa water treatment plants stopped taking water and treating it. Fortunately there was a good supply of clean water in the reservoirs they pump to, so there were no water shortages.

Stormwater invaded the sewage network, putting it under great pressure and boosting volumes through the city’s main water plant from a standard 6600 cubic metres overnight to 110622. 

The banks of the Hikurangi Flood Scheme were breached and will need some maintenance. 

Tracks throughout our District suffered rain damage and one of the acrylic panels blew out on the Canopy Bridge.

At Sandy Bay the flow of water down the stream and out to the sea eroded the foreshore beside the toilets and will need repairing. 

While dramatic to look at, the erosion is not causing risk to the toilet or surf club building.

A plan has been drafted for a long term solution to the erosion at the beach. 

It will be a rock revetment wall. The plan is to be peer reviewed. Council will need to obtain a resource consent to go ahead with the plan and will be talking with the local community before any work begins in spring. 



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