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District valuation due by Christmas

This page contains information about new property valuations that will be sent out before the end of the year.
Updated: 31/10/2018 12:00 a.m.

The revaluation of all Whangarei properties is almost complete and property owners can expect to get their new valuation notices in the mail before the end of the year.

Whangarei District Council is required to value all the properties in our District every three years.

The valuations are conducted by an independent valuation company, Opteon and are audited by the Valuer General.

“Opteon uses recent property sales data, resource/building consent and survey data along with carrying out sample inspections to establish an updated view of values across our District,” says Council’s Revenue Manager Alison Puchaux.

“We had hoped to have the revaluation notices out to residents in November but this has been revised and property owners can now expect to receive their notices around the middle of December. These valuations will be based on the property market conditions as at 1 August 2018.”

Mrs Puchaux says these values will be used to calculate rates from 1 July 2019.

“Any change in your property’s values does not mean that your rates will increase or decrease by the amount of this change, as property revaluations don’t affect the total amount of rates collected by Council. Instead, these valuations help us work out everyone’s share of the rates.”

She says anyone who has any questions about the revaluation should call Council for more information.



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