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Conserve water

This page contains information about water saving tips for this summer.
Updated: 20/11/2018 11:47 a.m.

​"Start planning now to ensure your water lasts to the end of what may turn out to be a long, dry summer," says Council’s Water Services Manager Andrew Venmore. 

“Taking a water saving approach from the beginning of summer, particularly for those people who have rainwater tanks, can prevent heartache, cost and bother later on,” he says. “A good place to look for tips on efficient water use is the Be Water Wise webiste (link below), especially set up for the Northland Region. It has the latest information about water use in the region’s districts, and advice on water saving.” 

Mr Venmore says the Whangarei District’s dams are about 97% full, which is a normal level for this time of year, but river levels are lower than usual. 

“When this happens we tend to take water from the rivers for as long as we can, within environmental protection rules, so we can delay drawing down the dam water. 

“We have had lower than average rainfall in the Whau Valley catchment for three of the past four months. October was particularly dry with only 38mm falling compared to an October average of 109mm. 

“The NIWA forecast is for average or below average rainfall in Northland, with a potential El Nino system in late summer, autumn, so what we do to prepare now may make things easier. El Ninos have a reputation for being hotter, drier and windier than usual, put this one is not predicted to be as extreme as the El Ninos of  2015-16, 1997-98, or 1982-83.
However, a dry spring followed by a dry summer may put a strain on water supplies throughout the region.
“This is just a reminder that sensible water conservation is always a good thing and water saved now may reduce problems towards the end of summer”  



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