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Community gives direction on Transfer Station hours

Whangarei’s transfer stations will continue to be operated with current opening hours until 16 February 2015 when a trial of reduced hours will be held for three months.
Updated: 11/02/2015 11:36 a.m.
Image of Council rubbish man.

​The move follows several weeks of daily surveys of the number of cars visiting the stations to drop off rubbish, the amount of rubbish dropped off and consultation with customers about various options for reduced hours and days of operation.

“Council resolved during the Annual Plan process to reduce transfer station funding by $150,000 this year, which meant we needed to find a more efficient way to run them,” said Waste and Drainage Manager Andrew Carvell.

“We knew as few as seven vehicles a day visited some stations, and we know they are much busier during the weekends. We came up with three options for each station’s community to look at; that would reduce the hours that the stations are open but not being used. The options included reduced hours on some week days and being closed on some days.

“We received 241 submissions (including a petition signed by 35 people), and each of the eight communities preferred one of their options over the two others proposed.

“There was lots of feedback, and two themes were that coastal communities were keen to see hours maintained during the summer influx and most communities were keen to see stations stay open at the weekends.

We have done our best to accommodate both those views. Some people were against any changes to the hours, but no change at all was not an option we could consider.”

Mr Carvell said Council would go ahead with a trial of the new hours, but not until the summer rush is over.

Trial to begin in February

Between now and 16 February transfer station hours will remain as they usally are. The three-month trial of shorter hours/fewer days will begin on 16 February. For the following summer, the then reduced hours will be extended again for the peak holiday period from 21 December 2015 until 8 February 2016 which means all eight of the District’s transfer stations will be open seven days a week.

Trial hours to begin on 16 February 2015

​Mon ​Tues ​Wed ​Thur ​Fri Sat​ ​Sun
​Hikurangi ​7.30 -1.30   ​7.30 -1.30   ​7.30 -1.30   ​12.00 -5.00 ​12.00 -5.00
​Ngunguru ​7.30 -2.00   ​7.30 -2.00   ​10.00 -5.00 ​10.00 -5.00
​Uretiti 7.30 -12.00  ​ ​7.30 -12.00  ​8.00 -5.00 ​8.00 -5.00
​Tauraroa ​1.00 - 5.00 1.00 - 5.00​ ​8.00 -5.00 ​8.00 -5.00
​Parua Bay ​7.30 -1.30  ​7.30 -1.30  ​7.30 -1.30  ​12.00 -5.00 ​12.00 -5.00
​Kokopu ​7.30 -4.30 ​7.30 -4.30   ​7.30 -4.30  
​Ruatangata ​7.30 -12.30 ​7.30 -12.30   ​12.00 -5.00 ​12.00 -5.00
​Oakura ​7.30 -12.30  ​7.30 -12.30  12.00 -5.00 ​12.00 -5.00

Eight transfer stations

Whangarei has eight Waste Transfer Stations across the District, at Uretiti, Tauraroa, Kokopu, Hikurangi, Ngunguru, Parua Bay, Ruatangata and Oakura.

The aim is for no one to be further than 15 kilometres from a waste collection service, so we have stations where people can pay for their rubbish to be dropped off for collection by our contractors and transferred to ReSort in Whangarei.  From there  waste goes into recycling or is transferred to the Puwera Landfill, just south of Portland.

The operating hours at ReSort have not been included in this review because ReSort is owned and operated by a separate body, Northland Regional Landfill Limited Partnership (NRLLP). 

More rubbish collections during summer rush

From the last week in December 2014 until 7 February 2015 there will be an extra rubbish collection in beach settlements. Northern Coastal areas will have their usual collection on Monday, and around the beach settlement areas (not the more rural roads in the northern coast) there will be a second collection on Fridays.

In the Bream Bay Coast area there will be the usual collection on Tuesday, and in the settlements closest to beach areas (not rural roads in the Bream Bay area) there will be a second collection on Saturday.



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