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Children make colourful submissions

This page contains information about some of the feedback Council received from youngsters over the past two months on the heretowhere campaign.
Updated: 8/08/2017 8:24 p.m.

​Colourful and creative suggestions came in from the youngest people having a say on the long-term future of the District. 

Council was calling for ideas on its 10-year-plan of activities, funding and projects (The Long Term Plan) which is due for formal consultation and adoption next year.

Over the past two months people have submitted their feedback on the heretowhere website, at public meetings, have your say events, the Whanau Festival and via postcards. 

More than 20 children sent in requests for skateparks, ocean pools, police stations, a theme park, a stuff library – like a library but for things other than books, transport into town from Ngunguru, more horse tracks. 

They wanted people to keep left on the loop, to use less plastic, do more composting and recycling. Bike tracks, more shops, dog parks, wild life reserves were also common themes. 



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