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Changes to Town Basin Parking 1 November

Some parking spaces in the parking area beside Reyburn Studio have been allocated exclusively to Town Basin Marina users with permits and for three-day stays for campervans.
Updated: 29/09/2014 10:52 a.m.

​The parking area at the intersection of Finlayson Street and Reyburn House Lane has a total of 55 carparks, of which 8 have been allocated to campervans and 10 have been allocated to marina users, issued with permits by the Town Basin Marina Office.

The aim of the move is to continue to provide parking for visitors to the Town Basin and users of Reyburn Studio, while also providing safe parking for vehicles whose owners live on yachts at the Town Basin, and to people travelling in campervans/motor homes.

“People staying in the area overnight, on boats, in motor homes and apartments nearby, helps to create community atmosphere. People coming and going creates a sense of safety and vitality that tends to sward off more suspicious behaviour,” said WDC Group Manager District Living Paul Dell.

“Putting a three-days-a-month limit on the motor-home also ensures there is a constant inflow and outflow, understood by those using the area to be for short-term visits, not for a static population.”  

“The reserved areas are clearly marked and we will be putting fliers under the windscreen wipers of people who use the spaces without the permits, to provide time for everyone to get used to the idea.  From November 1 we will treat these like normal reserved spaces and people who park in them incorrectly will be ticketed."



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