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Advisors thanked for good work – and new members welcome

This page contains information about calling for new members for positions on our Advisory Groups.
Updated: 22/01/2019 3:10 p.m.

​Would you like to have a say about the way Council works with and for people who are ageing, young or disabled, from your perspective as a member of one of these groups of people? 

Council has three special advisory groups that provide effective and proactive advice, and forge stronger engagement with Council and by Council with the community. This summer Council is calling for up to 36 group members. Existing members and new members are strongly encourage to apply for positions on the following groups.

Positive Ageing Advisory Group

Council’s Positive Ageing Advisory Group makes a valuable contribution to Council’s vision of Whangārei being a vibrant, attractive and thriving District for all people living here.   

The Positive Aging Advisory Groups' work with Council aims to support overall improvements in the independence, participation, care, self-fulfillment and dignity of our District's aging people.

Youth Advisory Group

YAG supports Council’s vision of Whangarei being a vibrant, attractive and thriving District for all people living here. The Group is looking for up to 12 team players this summer who want to provide a youth perspective to support the work Council does for young people.  

Together, YAG, Council staff and Councillors will hold monthly meetings to go over projects and policies Council is working on. This provides an exciting opportunity for youth to learn about local government and how to have a voice within Council.  

Disability Advisory Group

DAG supports Council’s vision of Whangārei being a vibrant, attractive and thriving District for all people living here. This summer Council is calling for up to 12 group members.  

The experience group members have makes a valuable contribution to Council, particularly to project development and future planning.  

DAG has become an important source of practical advice to improve accessibility in the District, and works to strengthen Council’s connections in the community. 

The recruitment drive follows a review of the groups earlier this year. It involved looking back on achievements of the groups, identifying what has worked well, considering changes in the community and Council over the years, and  planning where to go from here. 


After looking back on the groups’ achievements and identifying what had worked well, changes were made in the terms of reference to reflect the way our community and Council look today, including: 

  • new membership criteria 
  • a new appointment process  
  • two-year terms of service (renewable once) 
  • setting strategic agendas  
  • developing work programmes 
  • commitment to a diverse representation within the group 
  • emphasis on lived experience 
  • membership as an individual (rather than representative of an organisation).  

The Positive Ageing Advisory Group also welcomes people who have extensive experience working with senior citizens.  

All members of the public who fit the criteria are invited to apply for membership when a call for new members goes out to the public after the final meetings of the current groups in December. 

Applications Close

The deadline for applications to join is:

  • Disability Advisory Group - 1 February 2019
  • Positive Ageing Advisory Group - 1 February 2019
  • Youth Advisory Group - 15 February 2019 (a couple of weeks after school goes back). 

This should allow enough time for groups to be formed and first meetings to be held in March 2019.  

You can read more about the Advisory Groups on our website (link below) as well as a copy of the application forms.



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