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Building consent exemptions for storm repairs

This page contains a news-snippet about building consent exemptions that may apply when planning repairs to flood-damaged property.
Updated: 3/09/2020 9:56 a.m.

​Council recommends that property owners apply for a building consent exemption before starting flood damage repairs.

Some building work done to repair flood damage can be "exempt" from a building consent.

That means it can be done without having to apply for a building consent, but it does require an exemption to be applied for. An exemption costs $358 including GST.

When owners apply for an exemption, Council makes sure that an exemption is granted (if possible) and, once the repair work is done, that there is a record that the work has been completed properly.

The exemption provides everyone involved with the repairs with some degree of protection and protects the future resale value of properties.



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