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Be prepared for possible flooding in low lying areas

Please take care on the roads and keep up to date with weather forecasts. Possibility of flooding in low lying areas.
Updated: 12/04/2017 8:08 p.m.

We’re keeping a close eye on the weather, at the moment it looks like the worst of it will stay off-shore down the east coast.

Please take care if you are out on the roads as there could be flooding, particularly in low lying coastal areas.

We have a high spring tide at 9.30am tomorrow and there may be some storm surge, please be vigilant in low lying areas.

If you are out and about remember to drive to the conditions and be extra alert for:

• Fallen trees
• Slips
• Drop outs
• Water over roads
• Roads slippery with gravel and clay
• Wandering stock

Remember to stay out of flood water – it is impossible to know for sure the state of the road underneath and how fast the water is moving.

This storm may also bring high winds, so it would be a good idea to secure anything that you think is likely to blow around – veranda furniture, umbrellas, that sort of thing.

If you find yourself in peril dial 111.

To report storm damage of the type outlined above ring Whangarei District Council on 09 430 4200.

Watch for more information on the Whangarei District Council facebook page.




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