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Ballance work starts

This page contains information about the project that is due to begin on dismantling the old Ballance Agri-nutrients site on Port Road.
Updated: 16/02/2018 2:58 p.m.

​The $700,000 contract to dismantle and clear the old Ballance Agri-nutrients site on Port Road has been awarded to Ceres NZ LLC and work will begin on the site in February. 

The company is already developing its plan for fencing, site buildings and muster points although it will be some time before fences go up along the roadside. 

“The project will start with Ceres removing asbestos sheeting along the Hatea River side and most of that work will be done before any obvious fencing goes up,” said Council’s Commercial Portfolio Manager Mike Hibbert. 

He said the former fertilizer storage facility (Fagans Fertiliser Store and Ballance Agri-nutrients) contained a lot of asbestos. 

“Ceres is a Class A asbestos removal contractor, experienced in this work. 

“The asbestos sheeting will be coated with a PVA/water mixture to enclose fibres during removal.  "Then it will be wrapped in plastic and trucked to Puwera Landfill for disposal.

"Asbestos air monitoring will be performed at several locations around the site boundary and all works will be monitored by a licensed asbestos assessor.

“All runoff will be captured or treated to prevent sediment or asbestos entering the harbour. Dust will be controlled with water misting as required and plastic drop sheets will be laid below work areas to prevent asbestos entering soils.

“Only three truckloads of material will leave the site every day at first and will be timed to avoid peak traffic and school traffic times. The number of trucks may increase later, but this will be managed to minimise disruption,” Mr Hibbert said. 

Council has not settled on any plans for re-development of the site at this point. 



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