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Award Winning Planning Reaches High Bar

This page contains information about the celebration of two major planning achievements: Te Tai Tokerau Papakainga Toolkit and the Whangarei City Centre Plan.
Updated: 4/04/2018 3:06 p.m.

Council's planning teams are celebrating two major achievements designed to enhance life for residents of our District.

Te Tai Tokerau Papakainga Toolkit

The first of the award-winning projects is a toolkit that promises to make it much easier for owners to make good use of multiply owned ancestral land across the Northland region.

"A lot of good land in our region is owned by multiple members of hapu or iwi. It is land that could be serving people through housing and community development but in the past red tape has locked it up," Whangarei District Council's Planning Committee Chairman Greg Innes said.

"It has often been difficult to organise loans to start work on this land because banks like to have one owner.

Once the funding is achieved, there are lots of planning hoops to jump through, especially for an integrated papakainga community development with all the different structures and services that it involves.

That had been a real impediment to just the kind of development that offers real benefit to our region.

"Te Tai Tokerau Pakakainga Toolkit promises to help people work through these barriers to improve access to this land for the people who own it, to use it for purposes that serve them and by doing so, improve the entire Northland economy.

"All councils in the region could see a need for a kit something that would work across the board. They formed the Whanaketia Project Team (Kaipara, Far North, Whangarei District Councils and Northland Regional Council).

They commissioned Barkers and Associates to complete the kit and it has now won the New Zealand Planning Institute's Best Practice, Non Statutory Planning Award.

"The award is a good thing, but the potential it has created for a cascade of positive outcomes is truly magnificent. It has the potential to be very positive for the community, economy and the environment and all those working on this."

Te Tai Tokerau Papakainga Toolkit [2.94mb]

The Whangarei City Centre Plan

The centre of much curiosity and interest when it was launched in Whangarei's Butter Factory Lane last month, Council's Whangarei City Centre Plan (WCCP) received a commendation for the NZPI Best Practice Award - Strategic Planning and Guidance.

The plan is a design-led strategic plan that identifies key outcomes, transformational moves, short and long term actions and projects to address the key issues facing the city centre.

Developed in response to a number of issues including lack of strategic vision for the city centre and its role within the wider district, it is intended to support existing businesses, attract new business, focusing on connectivity, quality public spaces and land uses.

It will be used to inform our District Plan, infrastructure investment, public space improvements and project partnerships with the private sector.

The geographical scope is outlined in the WCCP and includes our city centre and surrounding city centre fringe areas.

The two planners behind the project, Alicia Lawrie and Sonya Seutter, worked with all Council's departments, held internal workshops with staff and external workshops with the business community, property owners and councillors.

There is more to the precinct plan than just enhancing the streetscapes, the precinct plan will describe the best future land uses in the city core, it will look at enhancing the streetscapes and connections as well as detail the major projects happening in the city core.

"Alicia and I loved the fact that we were able to be bold and creative," said Sonya.

"Although it was a high-level plan, it has left us with a workplan to figure out the details of our city centre which we are excited to delve in to.

For further information, please see the Whangarei City Centre information on the following page:



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