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Rates Rebate - find out if you are eligible

Do you own the home you are living in and have a limited income?  You may be eligible for a government rebate of up to $605 on your rates bill.
Updated: 5/08/2014 2:58 p.m.

Rates Rebates team member Cathy Lloydd has been helping people with their rate rebates for the past eight years.

Cathy said that it’s a real pleasure to be able to help people with their rebates applications. Over the years you get to see some really lovely people and helping them out is rewarding.

Cathy tells the story of one recipient who, when granted a rebate said that she wouldn’t be gathering pipis for tea tonight, knowing she was going to get a rebate on her bill, she would have steak for dinner instead!

“We are encouraging anyone who thinks they may be eligible to come in and talk to us to find out if they are.

“This is a government initiative to assist people on low incomes who own their own home to get help paying the rates.

“Rates rebates are worked out on a scale that takes into account household income, dependants and the size of your rates bill. If you meet the criteria, the rebate amount is subtracted from your rates bill,” she said.

“People who have received this rebate last year have been given an appointment time.  If you received a rebate last year and have moved house you may not have been sent an appointment and we encourage you to make contact with us.

“New people become eligible every year and we are keen to hear from anyone who thinks they may now qualify.  Please give us a ring to make an appointment or just drop in.

“It only takes about 15 minutes for us to assess your situation and work out if you are eligible or not – you may be surprised,” she said.

“We also want people to talk to friends and family about rates rebates, and if they are on a low income encourage them to find out more.

“This year we have put up a feedback notice board and it’s lovely to see people’s comments “Amazing experience, fast service, can’t thank you enough” was just one comment made and that is why I keep coming back to help each year,” said Cathy.

The temporary office will be open until Friday 22 August and is in the same location as the last four years, just off the main foyer at Forum North. There is usually plenty of parking in the Forum North car park and the office is open from 8:30am with the last appointment at 4pm.

If you want to make an appointment to avoid waiting in a queue,  call us on 09 430 4200, or you can simply drop in.

We can also make arrangements for those who are housebound and physically unable to come into our offices.

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