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Time for our Annual Report card

This page contains information about the 2017-2018 Annual Report.
Updated: 8/11/2018 10:37 a.m.

It’s Annual Report time here at Whangarei District Council which gives us a chance to take stock of the past financial year. Our Annual Report sets out what Council has achieved, why these things were done, how well we did them, what they cost and how they were paid for.

You can view the full, or summary version of the 2017-18 Annual Report (from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018) on our Annual Report page on our website (link below) or call in to view a copy at one of our customer service centres.

Financially in 2017-2018, we had an excellent operating surplus before non-cash adjustments ($12.9 million against the $3.2 million budgeted) and debt well within the conservative limits set by Council.

Our closing net debt stayed at the same level as last year and was $37.6 million lower than budget, allowing us to make net interest savings of $1.3 million. Our strong financial management has resulted in another AA rating from international credit rating agency Standard and Poors.

We’ve carried out a huge amount of work across the District – maintaining and improving roads, water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure as well as our parks and reserves. It’s also been a busy year for making plans with work going on behind the scenes across all areas of Council to make sure we are well set up for the future.

Our Long Term Plan (LTP) 2018-2028 was adopted, detailing all the major projects and work we will carry out over the next ten years.

Councillors voted to increase funding for stormwater by 53% which means an extra $34 million will be spent on this important infrastructure.

Our District continues to grow in population and thrive economically. Overall, we are coping well with this growth. Our water and wastewater infrastructure is some of the best in the country – and our future drinking water supply will be safeguarded with the construction of the new Whau Valley water treatment plant.

Our new Tarewa Park wastewater tank is nearly finished – the last of $60 million upgrades to reduce the risk of untreated sewage entering our harbour during storms. We have also completed a large amount of roading work, including resealing 92km (8.8%) of our sealed roads, and a 2.6km seal extension on Wright Rd.

Other highlights for the 2017-2018 year include:

  • the finalising of the new City Centre Plan aimed at creating a vibrant and attractive central city;
  • adopting a new Waste Management and Minimisation Plan to reduce the amount of rubbish going to landfill;
  • installing energy-saving LED bulbs in more than half our street lights;
  • and making excellent progress on the Kamo shared path.

We also completed major works in our parks and reserves, ranging from:

  • building new walking tracks,
  • replacing playgrounds
  • upgrading sports fields,
  • to installing new lighting on the Hatea Loop.

We once more proved we can successfully attract international sporting events with our hosting of the ICC U19 World Cup and our multi-use Northland Events Centre was put to good use for an eclectic mix of events.

Looking to the future, we will be continuing to keep our focus on maintaining and investing in core services while continuing our high levels of service for our community.

Our Achievements

  • Reduced net debt by $7.9 million to $112.6 million.
  • Operating surplus of $12.9 million – $9.7 million better than budget.
  • Standard and Poors credit rating reaffirmed as AA.
  • Met 100% of our targets for Water, Flood Protection and Control Works, Libraries, Resource Consents, Community Services, Parks and Recreation, and Venues and Events areas.
  • Met 74% of our non-financial targets and service levels.
  • Overall satisfaction with Council at 86%.*

*2018 Resident Satisfaction Survey



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