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Alcohol Control Bylaw Review

This page contains information about the Alcohol Control Bylaw that is open for submissions from 5 September 2018.
Updated: 8/11/2018 3:33 p.m.

Keeping our communities safe

Feedback on alcohol ban areas wanted

The Council bylaw that controls alcohol bans in public places has been reviewed and is open for submissions from September 5 (Wednesday next week) before being finalised.

“This bylaw is the one that puts controls on drinking alcohol in public places, to support community safety and well-being and we are after specific feedback, including specific details of any experiences of alcohol-related problems in public places,” said Strategic Planner Shireen Munday, who is coordinating the review.

“This bylaw does not control things like the opening hours of licensed premises or where alcohol can be sold, so we are not seeking feedback on those things.”

Consultation will begin on 5 September and a specialised submission form has been put together to ensure the kind of feedback you give us is specific and can be used.

“We want people to tell us if they support existing alcohol control areas and why, where they want new ones and why.

For this review, Council is focusing on feedback about existing alcohol control areas; however, any requests for new alcohol areas will be considered as part of our future work programme. For new areas we will need to work closely with the community and the Police to make sure there is evidence to justify a new control area and that takes time.

Why are we reviewing the Bylaw?

Changes to the legislation that governs how we make Alcohol Control Bylaws mean we must replace our existing bylaw with a new one by December 2018. In the past Council used to have quite broad powers to create alcohol control areas. These alcohol bans (now known as alcohol-control areas) are designed to create safe public spaces.

They are usually introduced because of concern about disorderly behaviour and criminal offending linked to the consumption of alcohol in certain areas. New legislation passed in 2012 means that to create any new alcohol control areas, Councils must have strong evidence that the consumption of alcohol in a public place is contributing to a high level of crime and disorder in that location.

Council can now also create control areas in other public places, such as school playgrounds or supermarket carparks. Council must also be able to justify retaining existing control areas through good feedback from the NZ Police and our communities.

For more information

All information on the proposal, including the submission form, will be available on our website on Wednesday 5 September and hardcopies will be available at all Council offices.

If you have any queries before then, send us an email to with ‘alcohol control bylaw review’ in the subject line.  



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