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Make a dog’s day – or even its life – adopt before you shop

This page contains information about encouraging people to adopt before they shop for a new dog.
Updated: 16/02/2018 2:58 p.m.

Council’s Animal Shelter takes in 500 dogs per year, so if you are looking for a new family member (of the four-legged, furry kind) why not give the shelter a call?  

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) temperament tests all the dogs at the pound which is run by Amourguard for suitability for adoption. All dogs that go to new homes are de-sexed, micro-chipped, registered and vaccinated.

“About ten dogs a week wind up with us through no fault of their own, but because they have been let down by their owners,” said Council Bylaw Enforcement Coordinator Rochelle Deane. 

 “Sadly, many of these dogs cannot be given new homes because they have come to us through situations that have left them antisocial, aggressive or unwell.  Those dogs are put down humanely. 

“Our team at Armourguard love working with the SPCA to rehome the suitable dogs. That part of the job is a real boost for them, because it is disheartening to see animals that are damaged and to know euthenasia is the only option for them. 

 “We encourage people to ‘adopt before you shop’ and visit us to find dogs that really deserve a second chance.”

Happy dog owner Chris Finlay is full of praise for the people who rehome dogs from the shelter. He writes:

“Once again thank you very much for all you do for the dogs. Mr Finn had a good car ride down and is settling in very well. His favourite toy so far is his ball. He walks everywhere with it in his mouth. Above is a photo to show he too really appreciates all you did for him.” 

For more details contact the Whangarei SPCA on 09 438 9161.



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