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Whau Valley Harvest Starts in March

This page contains information about the harvesting of pine trees from the Whau Valley Forest, which is expected to start 12 March 2018.
Updated: 28/02/2018 12:00 a.m.
Image of the Whau Valley Dam forest.
​Whau Valley Dam Forest

After a bit of a weather-induced start-stop-start to the harvesting of pine trees from the Whau Valley Forest, the harvest is now expected to start on 12 March.

The project has involved several different Council departments because the nearby Whau Valley Dam is operated by the Water Services department, storm water drainage in the area is governed by Council's Waste and Drainage department, the forest block itself is managed by Council's Property department.

"We are all working closely with the contractor to make sure this project goes ahead in the smoothest fashion with minimal disruption to the public and the environment," said Council's Commercial Property Manager Mike Hibbert.

"A number of people have expressed concern about clearing land so close to the city's main water source, Whau Valley Dam, so we are taking this opportunity to reassure people on a number of issues.

"The trees are not in a catchment that runs into the dam, so the water source will not be affected.

"Even so, we need to minimise the amount of sediment in the environment and we will be using lots of different systems including using hay bales, shredded timber and bark to capture sediment and reduce run off.

"We are very conscious that the site is close to residential properties so noise, access to the site, start and finish times, traffic movements are all being controlled to reduce inconvenience for people.

"Neighbouring and nearby properties will be visited by contractors. Timing and traffic movements are being coordinated to create the least amount of inconvenience for local residents regarding peak traffic time for schools and morning and afternoon rush hours.

"Our contractors will work to improve the site after harvesting, to reduce it's visual impact and we will be replanting the area with native vegetation. This will protect the dam into the future and will comply with the Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) legislation," said Mr Hibbert.



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