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2017 Bylaw reviews

Council would like to hear your thoughts on the two bylaws we are reviewing before we draft any changes for formal consultation later in the year.
Updated: 13/09/2017 1:47 p.m.

Parking, traffic, the keeping of animals, poultry, bees – when strung together these words bring to mind a pretty chaotic picture. 

But maintaining order around these activities is the aim behind a call for your input into the review of two bylaws in June/July. 

The Parking and Traffic Bylaw and the Keeping of Animals, Poultry and Bees Bylaw are due for their ten-year statutory review. Council wants to hear from the public before drafting any changes. If, following feedback, any changes need to be made, these will go through formal consultation with the public later in the year. 

This Parking and Traffic Bylaw controls car parking, stopping and provides road and traffic management regulations. 

Since it was last reviewed, several changes have been made to governing legislation. To reflect this, the bylaw will need some changes, but overall it covers most relevant matters.   

The parking and stopping rules in the bylaw enable Council to control:

  • paid and time-controlled parking and exemptions like permits, mobility parking and motorcycles
  • stopping and parking behavior, including parking over lines, on no stopping areas (yellow lines) and parking on berms and verges
  • where passenger service vehicles (taxis), may stop; loading zones, clearways and bus stops.

The bylaw also enables Council to ensure traffic flows safely and easily through the district by controlling things like: 

  • one way roads, left, right and U turns
  • shared paths, cycle lanes and shared zones
  • machinery or equipment on roads
  • repairs on vehicles, broken down vehicles
  • other traffic and road safety/management issues.

The bylaw however does not control the actual parking time restrictions, where paid parking or time controlled parking is located or how much it costs. If you want to comment on these matters, go to our website and tell us about your thoughts there. 

The Keeping of Animals, Poultry and Bees Bylaw (KAPBB) enables Council to control some aspects of animal keeping in the more densely populated parts of our district, although dog management has its own separate Dog Management Bylaw. 

The KAPBB restricts keeping, pigs, roosters, poultry, bees,  horses, goats or cattle in the Living and Business Environments of the District Plan, although people can apply for consents to do so in special circumstances.

The bylaw has a general nuisance provision applying to all animals and lets Council act if any animals are causing a nuisance or danger to any person.

The Bylaw also has provisions around unfenced land, wandering animals and Council’s ability to remove unauthorised works (e.g. chicken coops etc.). 

What do you think?

How well do you think these two bylaws are working?

You can view them online on our Bylaws page on our website (link below) or you can pop in to our offices our libraries to have a look at a hardcopy.

Have a look at the consultation page on our website to find out how to give us your feedback. 



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