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2017-2018 Annual Plan

This page contains information about the 2017-2018 Annual Plan.
Updated: 13/07/2017 3:57 p.m.

​This year, Whangarei District Council’s Annual Plan continues the “steady as you go” approach to finances and projects of the past few years. 

The plan outlines the finances and programme of work for the year beginning 1 July 2017, year three of the 2015-25 Long Term Plan, which was adopted in June 2015. 

There have been very few changes to the plan for year three since it was consulted upon in 2015, so no public consultation process was undertaken this year.  Instead resources were directed to early consultation on the Long Term Plan which is due to be developed next year, and will span the decade from 2018 to 2028. 

“This year’s Annual Plan outlines a solid programme of work and provides a clear forecast of income and expenditure for the 2017-2018 year,” says Mayor Sheryl Mai.

“Our overall general rates increase will not be quite as high as anticipated, at 3.9% plus growth, rather than the 4.53% plus growth forecast in the LTP, due to lower inflation.

Individual ratepayers may see increases of greater or less than the overall 3.9% movement, due to movements in the number of properties and land values within each sector.

We have allocated $1.25m, including a 53% NZTA subsidy, for seal extension work on Wright and McCardle Roads and will hold off on some planned Hikurangi Swamp work.

Extra funding has been allocated to the Marsden City Wastewater Project, Ruakaka Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade, Marsden City Stormwater project and work on the old Ballance site on Port Road,” she said.

“When combined, these changes mean we end the year with a closing debt of $150.5 million, below our budget level of $170.5 million, and ensure that we retain a surplus and maintain a balanced budget.

“Highlights of the year will include: enhancing walking and cycling through the Kamo; upgrading tracks in Parihaka Scenic Reserve; further investigations into a new site for Whangarei’s airport; resolving dust problems in rural areas; and improving pensioner housing.

It’s going to be a steady year, but still an exciting one, and I look forward to reporting on our progress.”

To Sum Up


  • $52.9 million Capital works programme
  • 80% of capex focused on core infrastructure
  • $139.5 million Operational revenues
  • $134.4 million Operational spending


  • $65.8 million Capital works programme (note this includes some opex)
  • 77% of capex focused on core infrastructure
  • $142.9 million Operational revenues
  • $137.3 million Operational spending

Minor timing differences have brought some projects forward (from later LTP years) to be completed earlier, while some have been carried forward to later years due to delays. Work that was budgeted for this year and is already underway but will not be completed by year end will be added to the schedule for next year.

HIGHLIGHTS FOR THE 2017-18 Annual Plan include:

  • Design of the new water treatment plant close to Whau Valley Dam
  • Walking and cycling – constructing the Kamo Urban cycleway
  • Road resurfacing and rehabilitation
  • Ruddell Road raw water line renewal
  • Wright and McCardle roads seal extension
  • Completion of wastewater upgrades at Hikurangi and Tarewa Park
  • Pensioner housing improvements
  • Further work on the new airport investigations
  • Pohe Island Park masterplan development – including shared paths, carparks and lighting within the park
  • Transforming the parking area near the Canopy Bridge into a fabulous new park
  • Renewal to tracks at Parihaka Scenic Reserve
  • Ongoing programme of seawall renewal at Ngunguru foreshore
  • Investigating the best options for one council building
  • Continuing our program to become a digital council.

A copy of the Annual Plan can be found on the Annual Plan page on our webiste.



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