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Te Matau a Pohe tips 10,000

This page contains information about Te Matau a Pohe that celebrated its 10,000th lift this month (January 2018).
Updated: 16/02/2018 2:58 p.m.

​Te Matau a Pohe, Whangarei’s largest civil engineering project and subject of many international accolades, celebrated its 10,000th lift this month. 

The bridge reached the milestone four years, four months and a few days after its much celebrated opening that attracted thousands of spectators, national and international attention on 27 July 2013. 

This time the gathering was smaller but equally pride-filled. 

Mayor Sheryl Mai pressed the button for the ceremonial lift, congratulating all who had been involved in the project, before it was built, during, and since then. 

“It is an impressive feat of engineering that has also been described as a piece of public art. Not only that, it has now carried more than 15 million vehicles (about 11,000 a day), lifted just over six times a day and if you do the maths on its weight, has lifted about four million tonnes since it opened.” 

The bridge cost $32.3M to build, 93 percent of this spend went to NZ companies. Dozens of local firms were involved in its construction. It contains:

  • 3640 lineal metres of piles
  • over 1000 tonnes of steel
  • 2500 cubic metres of concrete
  • 1.3 Km of handrail
  • Seven Km of electrical cable
  • One Km of fibre optic cable
  • 320 lights
  • 12 cameras
  • 5000 litres of oil
  • two rams weighing eight tonnes each
  • four piston pumps.

Holding it all together are more than 20,000 bolts and screws

"Named Te Matau a Pohe – The Fishhook of Pohe – its design celebrates the Maori chief Pohe who welcomed the first English settlers to Whangarei,” said Mayor Mai.

“It is an important landmark for our city and enabled creation of our Loop walkway. It has revitalized this area and allowed public access to the waterfront. Te Matau a Pohe is now firmly part of the fabric of our District’s history, functional, beautiful and unique,” she said. 

“The bridge has recently had its first major overhaul and service and passed all its checks with flying colours. Congratulations to everyone involved in the everyday running and maintenance of this important asset for Whangarei. Here’s to another 10,000 lifts!”

Read more about the operation of the Te Matau a Pohe and Kotuitui Whitinga bridges across the Hatea River and Waiarohia Stream.



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