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Town Basin Redevelopment

Image for the Town Basin Redevelopment page.
This page contains information about the work underway to enhance the Town Basin and surrounding area.
Updated: 30/07/2015 10:52 a.m.
Photograph of the Victoria Bridge Canopy.
​The Victoria Bridge Canopy

There are several major developments planned for the Town Basin. These are designed to expand the range of activities and attractions for people to enjoy in the centre of Whangarei.

Projects completed at the Town Basin over recent years have included: the Hatea Loop Walkway, The Art Walk and Heritage Trail, Canopy Bridge, development of The Hub and relocation of the Whangarei Art Museum to the area.

Future developments proposed for the area include those outlined below.  

Car Park to Park

The conversion of the space currently used as a carpark between Dent Street, Riverside Drive and the Hatea River will transform the area into a high quality urban park. A new green space on the rivers edge will provide a hub for activities, social interaction and events and provide a stepping stone between the CBD and the Town Basin.

The transformation from car park to park will provide an opportunity to create a regionally significant park which also meets the needs of a growing city centre and busy waterfront. The design of this space will include opportunities such as an events space, youth and play facilities, and the integration of the Canopy Bridge, Loop Walkway, and other community facilities.

Hundertwasser Wairau Maori Art Centre (HWMAC)

Following the result of a binding referendum, in June 2015, the community supported the development of the HWMAC using the Old Harbour Board building.

This is a community driven project, with some funding from Council along with a lease for the Trust to develop to HWMAC. The Trust has until 30 June 2017 to secure the funding and if successful it is expected the building would open in 2019.

Hihiaua Cultural Centre

The Hīhīaua Cultural Centre Trust is developing a proposal to build a Maori Cultural centre on the Hīhīaua Peninsula. The Trust is currently fundraising and Council has allocated a capital grant of $500,000 in year one of the current Long Term Plan to provide seed funding to assist the Trust’s fundraising efforts.

This large cultural centre is set on Hihiaua Reserve, which sits at the confluence of Hatea River and Waiarohia Stream. This building, reminiscent of a beached waka would provide a vessel for local history and artefacts and a hub for interpretation, education and cultural tourism.



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