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Sportsground Facilities

Image for the Sportsground Facilities page.
This page contains information about the facilities available at sportsgrounds in the Whangarei District.
Updated: 17/12/2018 3:50 p.m.

Sportsground facilities are listed in alphabetical order.

Barge Showgrounds image.

Barge Showgrounds

This park is used for larger events and is the venue for the annual A and P Society Summer Show, all local equestrian and cross country athletics events. 

The park extends to the bush line at the north west end and is an access point to the bush areas of the Pukenui Forest (Department of Conservation) and Council's water supply reserve for the Whau Valley dam.

Limited off street parking is available. 

Location: State Highway 14, Maunu

Aerial photo of Hikurangi Sportspark.


Currently 2 sportsfields for rugby are maintained here but there is room for 2 more. 

The Hikurangi Rugby Club have club facilties on the park, and a pony club uses part of the grounds for equestrian activities. 

The park is popular with joggers, walkers and those exercising their dogs.

Location: Park Street, Hikurangi

Hora Hora

Next to the Hora Hora Primary School, this park has 2 fields for rugby during winter and is often used for touch rugby during the summer. 

It is the base for the Hora Hora Rugby Club, and the Hora Hora Scouts. 

Some off street parking is available around the rugby club building.

Location:Te Mai Road, Whangarei

Aerial photo of Hukerenui Sportspark.


Situated just off State Highway 1, the domain has 2 rugby fields, 4 concrete tennis courts and caters for various sporting codes during the year. 

Mid- Northern Rugby Club has clubrooms on the park, as do the Pig Hunters Club and scouts. 

The local community hall is next door.

Location:Domain Road, Hukerenui


Caters for rugby and soccer during winter and cricket and touch rugby during summer.

It is the home for Kamo Rugby Football Club and the Kamo Swifts AFC. 

There are 3 bowling greens, 5 tennis courts and the associated Kamo Bowling Club and Kamo Tennis Club. A playground is also available.

Off road parking is at the Three Mile Bush Road and Butler Place entrances. 

Location: off Three Mile Bush Road, Lilian Street or Butler Place, Kamo


Kensington sportspark is bounded by Western Hills Drive, Kensington Avenue, and Park Avenue in Whangarei. 

It is a major sportsground for the district and has several regional facilities on it: 

  • Northland Hockey Association (2 artificial water turfs)
  • Whangarei Athletics (an all weather mondo track)
  • Whangarei Table Tennis indoor facility
  • Kensington Fitness Centre
  • Sport Northland RST
  • ASB Lounge
  • Genesis Energy Indoor Stadium
  • Whangarei Netball Association (12 outdoor courts)
  • Onerahi Cricket Club. 

The natural turf area of the park provides several winter sportsfields, and cricket ovals for summer.

There are 4 courts open for general public use for tennis during summer and netball in winter. 

There is also a children's playground.

Off road parking is available on Western Hills Drive, Park Avenue, and the corner of Kensington Avenue and Park Avenue. 

Location: off Western Hills Drive, Kensington Avenue or Park Avenue, Whangarei

For information about our Reserve Management plan for Kensington, follow the link below.

Kensington Park Reserve Management Plan


This local sportspark facility is administered by the Mangakahia Sportsground Society.

There are:

  • two squash courts
  • two badminton courts
  • a basketball and netball court
  • two rugby fields
  • a soccer field
  • aerobics
  • squash
  • rugby
  • soccer
  • pool clubs.

The facilities are available for hire and these include two reception lounges with kitchens, an upper lounge and a fully licenced bar. 

The manager can be contacted on +64 9 434 6923 or +64 9 434 7770.

Location: Kerehunga Road, Poroti


This park is administered by the Maungakaramea Recreation Society which also administers the neighbouring hall. 

There is a cricket club and a rugby club.

The grounds cater for:

  • rugby fields
  • cricket ovals
  • artificial tennis courts
  • netball courts
  • hockey training
  • croquet
  • lawn bowls.

Location: corner Tangihua and Tauraroa Roads, Maungakaramea


Morningside is the base for the FC Whangarei soccer club. 

Facilities include:

  • Two fields for soccer over winter
  • 5 a-side soccer fields during summer
  • practice nets for cricket
  • a half court volley board
  • basketball hoop
  • playground.

Limited off street parking at the FC Club at the end of Rawhiti Street. 

Location: Rawhiti Street, Morningside Road, Whangarei

Ngunguru Recreation Grounds

The grounds are administered by the Ngunguru Sport and Recreation Society.

The grounds offer:

  • golf
  • hard courts for tennis
  • petanque
  • a soccer field

The facilities of the Society also cater for squash and social functions.

Location: Kopipi Cresent, Ngunguru

Photograph of the rugby field at Oakura Sportspark.


This ia a developing reserve administered by the Whangaruru Community and Sport Trust. 

On the reserve, there currently is a single rugby field, small club building and changing facilities.

The development of restoration planting and walking tracks is under way.  

There is also a rubbish transfer station, and sewerage treatment plant on the reserve as well as a large area of pine plantation, so public access is restricted in certain areas.

Location: Wharau Road, Oakura

Photograph of the Northland Events Centre at Okara Park.


Set in the commercial part of Whangarei City, Okara Park boasts two of the district's regional facilities. 

The Northland Events Centre (Toll Stadium) has a grandstand, enclosed ground, first class natural turf pitch, embankment seating, and conference facilities. 

Cobham Oval, next to the events centre, hosts international and first class cricket matches. 

The headquarters of Northland Cricket is in the Spire Pavilion, adjacent to the indoor cricket building.  Terraced grounds  provide elevated seating for spectators.  

Parking is available for both facilities in a large off street carpark.

Location: Port Road, Okara Drive, Whangarei

Aerial photograph of the Onerahi Sportspark.


Incorporates an area for 2 or 3 sportsfields, and grazing for the Parahaki Pony club.  It is the base for Onerahi Rugby Club and the Onerahi Bowling Club, which leases an area for 2 greens. 

There are public toilets on the park and good access from Cartwright Road, Alamein Ave and Onerahi Road.

Onerahi 'A' is located on a small corner of the airport land and accommodates 1 soccer field. 

Onerahi 'B' is located on the other side of the airport from the 'A' ground and is big enough for 2 fields. It has clubrooms for the Tikipunga Soccer Club. 

The grounds are also used during summer for cricket.

Location - Onerahi Sportspark: Onerahi Road, Alamein Avenue, Onerahi

Location - Onerahi B: Church Street, Onerahi


At the southern approaches to Whangarei city, this park has 4 sportsfields which are used for soccer and rugby league. 

There is a community building which caters for clubs and community groups, and public toilets are available there.

Location: State Highway 1, Otaika, Whangarei


Provides 2 winter sportsfields for rugby and league. 

Junior touch rugby is often played during summer. 

Carparking is at the entrance to the park but the gate is locked unless an event is in progress.

Location: William Jones Drive, Otangarei 


Administered by the Portland Recreation Society the reserve offers a gymnasium, club facilties and a rugby league field.

The model aircraft club also uses the reserve.

Location: McGill Road, Portland 


Administered by the Ruakaka Recreation Society, this sportspark currently has 3 soccer fields marked during winter, and, in summer, caters for:

  • baseball
  • touch rugby
  • volley ball
  • 5 a-side soccer. 

The Society's facilities include gym, sqaush and petanque.  A child care centre operates on the park. 

Location: Takutai Place, Ruakaka


Caters for one rugby league field for the Takahiwai Rugby Club and their clubrooms.

Also includes netball courts and a child care facility.

Location: corner of One Tree Point Road and McEwen Road, One Tree Point

Aerial photograph of the Tikipunga Sportspark.


Caters for rugby (2 fields) and soccer (9 fields) during the winter, and cricket (94 artificial wickets), 5 a-side soccer, and touch rugby during the summer. 

It is home to the Tikipunga Rugby Club and Tikipunga Soccer Club. 

The park borders the Hatea River and is popular with joggers and walkers. It connects with the Balmoral Reserve which provides extended walking around the river to Vinegar Hill Road.

Carparking and the main entrance is on Reed Street.

Location: Reed Street, Tikipunga

William Fraser Park on Pohe Island

The western end of the park features a skate park and an international standard BMX track.

The park is used by a number of clubs including:

  • the Madhatters AFC
  • Whangarei Rock'n'Roll Club
  • Whangarei Rowing Club
  • Young Mariners
  • Navy League
  • Sea Cadets 

It is also venue for visting attractions such as the circus.

Development of the park includes more soccer fields and support for groups representing cycling disciplines including mountain biking, criterion racing and BMX. 

Construction of the Hatea Loop Walkway has provided greater access to the park, and linked it to the Town Basin.

Off road parking is available at the park.

Location: Riverside Drive, Whangarei



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