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Reserve Management Plans

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This page contains information about the reserve management plans which Council has developed to maintain and protect areas of significant natural importance in the Whangarei district.
Updated: 20/12/2019 11:48 a.m.

There are more than 500 reserves spread throughout the Whangarei district and we administer many of them.

Our reserve management plans set the direction for the management and control of reserves for which we have responsibility. Once a management plan is adopted, it is subject to continuous review to adapt to changing circumstances or increased knowledge about the reserve.

The purpose of a Reserve Management Plan

A reserve management plan provides a framework for carrying out future management in an integrated way. In addition, there are often concept plans developed for the reserves, which identify particular elements of work, and which are usually prioritised over a number of years.

We work with other agencies, such as the Department of Conservation and iwi, to jointly develop reserve management plans for some areas.

    Development of a Reserve Management Plan  

    The preparation of a reserve management plan involves consultation with the community. There are a number of opportunities for the public to contribute to the development or review of a plan. 

    The procedure for preparing a management plan as required by the Reserves Act is outlined below. 

    • public notice of Council’s intention to prepare a management plan
    • preparation of a draft management plan  with full consideration given to public feedback
    • public notice advising the availability of the draft plan
    • submissions considered and changes to the draft plan made if necessary
    • the plan is approved by Council (and the Department of Conservation where required by the Reserves Act) and it becomes operative.

    Tutukaka Village Green

    Council recently consulted on the preparation of a Reserve Management Plan for the Tutukaka Village Green.

    Current Reserve Management Plans

    For detailed information about each Reserve Management Plan, select from the following links.

    Kensington ParkParihaka and Hatea River ReservesWilliam Fraser Memorial Park on Pohe Island
    Pukenui Forest - Ngahere o Pukenui 



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