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William Fraser Memorial Park

Image for the William Fraser Memorial Park Management Plan page.
This page contains information about the Reserve Management Plan for the William Fraser Memorial Park on Pohe Island.
Updated: 11/10/2013 1:46 p.m.

Pohe Island is approximately 54 hectares in size and lies adjacent to the mouth of the Hatea River and the harbour. It is unique in that it is a relatively large coastal open space located within close proximity to central Whangarei. 

Future use and development of Pohe Island for recreation is constrained by past landfill operations. Recreation activities and uses currently on the site include a public skate park, BMX tracks, sports fields and waterbased facilities (e.g. rowing clubrooms, ramp).

With the opening of Te Matau ā Pohe across Hatea River and the development of the Loop Walkway, this area and surrounds will become more accessible for cars, pedestrians and cyclists.

The management plan for William Fraser Memorial Park on Pohe Island was reviewed in 2013 and the revised version was adopted by Council in September.

Viewing the document

Download the full version of the 2013 management plan by following the link below.

William Fraser Memorial Park on Pohe Island Reserve Management Plan 2013 [980kb]

If you would like a printed copy of the plan, please contact our Infrastructure Projects Group Planner, phone +64 9 4304 200, ext 8378.



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