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Tutukaka Village Green

This page contains information about the preparation of a Reserve Management Plan for the Tutukaka Village Green.
Updated: 22/12/2015 9:43 a.m.
Map of the Tutukaka Village Green.
​Map showing Tutukaka Village Green
areas (as indicated in green).

​On 25 March 2015 Council approved the preparation of a Reserve Management Plan for Tutukaka Village Green and park land to the north of Marina Road in Tutukaka.  

Council asked the public for general comments about the future management of these areas in a public consultation. The consultation was open from 30 June - 28 July 2015. The feedback provided is being be used to help draft the Reserve Management Plan for this area. Staff will continue to receive submissions until the draft Reserve Management Plan is completed for further public consultation in 2016.

A Reserve Management Plan for Tutukaka Village Green will set out the appropriate mix of uses and activities within the reserve, and identify objectives and policies to guide the ongoing management and use of the reserve. 

The Tutukaka Village Green covers reclaimed land adjacent to Marina Road. The larger area of the Village Green is a recreation reserve, although a small adjoining land parcel is not a reserve under the Reserves Act.  The two land parcels to the north include a car park and are otherwise sloping and covered in vegetation.  The sites to be included in the proposed plan are outlined in green in the plan adjacent.

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