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Freedom Camping

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This page tells you who, where and and how visitors can freedom camp in Whangarei District.
Updated: 20/12/2016 4:20 p.m.

Council supports sustainable freedom camping activities and Whangarei is a Motorhome Friendly District.

Freedom camping is generally used to describe overnight camping activities in public places that are not paid campgrounds, and do not provide specific camping related facilities.

So who can freedom camp, and where?

Are you? 

If you are camping in a tent or sleeping in your car then you are NOT able to freedom camp in Whangarei District.

For information on campgrounds in our district, please visit our whangareinz website.


For information on Department of Conservation campgrounds in the district please click on the link below.  


Please remember that our campgrounds can get very busy over summer and you will need to check whether sites are available before you arrive.  

Are you?

If you are NOT self-contained but are travelling in a mobile home or with a caravan then you can camp for up to three nights in our public places, except for the prohibited locations listed on this page. For information on public toilets that are open 24/7 please visit our Public Toilets webpage.

Are you? 

If you are self-contained, you can freedom camp in our public places, except for the prohibited locations listed on this page.

Our District is blessed with an outstanding coastline and natural features that attract visitors year round, but especially over summer.

We ask that you are considerate of other campers, day visitors and locals who want to access these beautiful locations and move on within three days so that others can also enjoy these sites.

No Freedom camping

All freedom camping in the following locations is prohibited at all times.

 Location  Address/description
​  Langs Beach ​Public toilets and beach access, Cove Rd
​  Matapouri ​Wehiwehi Rd carpark
​  Matapouri ​Morrison Rd carpark
​  Pataua South Reserve Pataua South Rd
  ​Whangarei Falls Scenic  
​Boundary Road
​  Ruakaka Beach Reserve ​Ruakaka Beach Rd
 ​ William Fraser Memorial
  Park on Pohe Island
​Riverside Drive
​  Whananaki ​Mangaiti Reserve, Rockell Rd
​  Waipu Caves Reserve ​Waipu Caves Rd

Restricted Freedom camping 

Freedom camping at the following locations is available, but restricted to certain spaces and times as indicated through the on-site signs.
  • REYBURN HOUSE LANE CARPARK Reyburn House Lane (self-contained only)

Don't park on the grass 

You can only park your campervan or mobile home in car parking areas – camping on the grassed recreational areas of our parks and reserves is prohibited at all times.

Driver fatigue

Please remember there is a difference between freedom camping and resting on the roadside if you are tired.  If you are too tired to move on then please do find a safe place to pull off the road and have a rest before moving on.

Alcohol and public places

Under our Liquor Management Bylaw the consumption of alcohol in a public place under the control of Whangarei District Council within 300 metres of the high tide mark on all of our beaches is prohibited.

If in doubt, please ask! You can find out more at:

Whangarei i-site





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