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Camping in Public Places

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This page tells you about camping in public places on Council land.
Updated: 29/10/2018 12:32 p.m.

Where can you stay in the Whangarei District? 

Our Camping in Public Places Bylaw regulates who can camp, for how long and where in the public places in our District. 

We have 38 locations in the District where all camping is prohibited (see Schedule 1 below) and another 22 areas where some or all forms of camping is available in a designated site only.

You must park in the designated site that is indicated by signage.  If the site is full, you must move on.

In most cases, you can only stay for 1 night before moving on. Camping in self-contained vehicles is also permitted at other locations in the District.

This page provides you with an overview of the rules for different types of camping and pdf maps of the prohibited areas and areas with designated sites, as well as a link to an interactive map with the same information.

You can be fined $200 if you do not comply with the restrictions set out on this page.

Click on the link to the brochure in the resource area on this page if you want to print a summary of the rules and prohibited areas and designated sites.

Recent changes

Under the Bylaw, Council can make minor changes to the layout of our designated sites by resolution. 

In September 2018, Council made some changes to the designated sites for Whananaki, Tamaterau and the i-Site carpark on Tarewa Road. 

The Bylaw and the maps on this page have been updated accordingly.

Are you?Self-contained icon.  

If you are certified self-contained (which means you have an approved wastewater system and holding tank) and you have a certificate and a warrant to prove it, you can camp in many places in our District.

For all areas of the District that are not showing as areas with designated sites, you can stay for a maximum of three nights.  You must move at least 1km further on after your stay.

Your self-containment certificate allows you to stay ‘off the beaten track’, and we encourage this.

There are four areas with designated sites for self-contained vehicles only (see Schedule 2 below).   You can also stay in the areas for non self-contained camping, but you must comply with all site restrictions.

Are you? Non self-contained icon.

If you camping in a vehicle or a caravan that is not self-contained, you can stay at 18 areas in the District (see Schedule 3 below).  The maximum stay is one night, except for the Bascule carpark, where you can stay for up to three nights.

Are you? In a tent icon.

If you are camping in a tent you can camp in one of six areas in our District (see Schedule 4 below).  You can stay for one night only.


You can click on the schedules below to view the maps as pdfs. Or, you can click on the link to the interactive map. This will take you to a new page and you can zoom in and out to view all of the prohibitions and restrictions in the District.

Camping in Public Places interactive map

PDF maps of all prohibited areas and areas with designated sites

S1-01 Bland Bay Reserve Map [275.5kb]
S1-02 Drummond Park Scenic Reserve - Parihaka Lookout Carpark Map [325.6kb]
S1-03 Eliott Reserve Map [309.1kb]
S1-04 Herekino Street - service lane and carpark behind 4-22 Herekino Street Map [304kb]
S1-05 Hikurangi Sportspark Map [297.4kb]
S1-06 Hora Hora Sportspark Map [312.9kb]
S1-07 Kamo Sportspark Map [344.8kb]
S1-08 Kensington Park Map [332.6kb]
S1-09 Koropupu Community Sportspark - Springs Flat Map [314.7kb]
S1-10 Langs Beach - Cove Road beach access and carpark area Map [296kb]
S1-11 Mander Park Map [348.9kb]
S1-12 Marsden Point Wharf Map [258.8kb]
S1-13 Matapouri - Morrison Road carpark Map [309.5kb]
S1-14 Mcleod Bay – playground and reserve area Map [268.2kb]
S1-15 Mcleod Bay – Stuart Road All Road Reserve Map [269.7kb]
S1-16 Morningside Sportspark Map [301.3kb]
S1-17 Moureeses Bay Recreation Reserve Map [264.6kb]
S1-18 Ngunguru School Map [284.2kb]
S1-19 Onerahi Beach Reserve - between Cliff Street and Johnson Street Map [277.4kb]
S1-20 Onerahi Sportspark Map [269.6kb]
S1-21 Otaika Sportspark Map [254.3kb]
S1-22 Otangarei Number 1 Reserve Map [317.1kb]
S1-23 Otangarei Sportspark Map [334kb]
S1-24 Pataua South - bridge carpark and reserve area Map [260.3kb]
S1-25 Port Road - service lane and carpark area behind 11-67 Port Road Map [306.5kb]
S1-26 Portland Recreation Reserve Map [283.4kb]
S1-27 Ruakaka - Princes Road Reserve Map [266.1kb]
S1-28 Ruakaka Recreation Grounds Map [287kb]
S1-29 Taiharuru Map [273.6kb]
S1-30 Takahiwai Sportspark Map [239.6kb]
S1-31 Teal Bay and Ngawai Bay - Teal Bay Recreation Reserve Map [257.4kb]
S1-32 Tikipunga Sportspark Map [311.9kb]
S1-33 Tutukaka Marina Reserve Map [298.9kb]
S1-34 Urquharts Bay Map [292.7kb]
S1-35 Whananaki - Mangaiti Reserve Map [278.2kb]
S1-36 Whau Valley Dam Map [288.7kb]
S1-37 William Fraser Memorial Park on Pohe Island Map [293.5kb]
S1-38 Woolleys Bay - Eastern Carpark Map [276.6kb]

Driver fatigue

There is a difference between freedom camping and resting on the roadside if you are tired.  If you are too tired to keep driving, then please find a safe place to pull off the road and rest before moving on.

Public and commercial campgrounds

For information on campgrounds in our district, please visit our whangareinz website.


For information on Department of Conservation campgrounds please click on the link below.  

Department of Conservation

If in doubt, please ask! You can find out more at:

Whangarei i-site 


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