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Whangarei offers plenty of opportunities for children to play in safe parks. This page contains information about the playgrounds and skateparks within the Whangarei district.
Updated: 18/04/2019 1:40 p.m.
Photograph of the children's playground at Mander Park.
Kids playground - Mander Park

There are 36 playgrounds and 4 skateboard parks for children and young people in the Whangarei district.

Our aim is to have a playground within 500 metres of any resident within the city and to make sure there is something available for people who live in towns or settlements.

We work with communities as much as possible whenever we are planning a new playground or replacing an old one and we take notice of what children tell us they want.

Smoke free policy

We promote all our playgrounds, sportsfields and neighbourhood parks to be smoke free areas in the interests of protecting the environment and everyone’s health.

Mander Park playground upgrade

The new extension to the Mander Park playground was designed using suggestions from children. It provides for the under 5s, as well as adding some equipment for older kids. 

The junior area has a modular unit with small slide, bridge and tunnel.  A vibrant new swing set has introduced the first Lilly pad swing into our playgrounds.

The senior area has a spinning item (the lunar 2) and a climbing item (the hurricane) that will challenge and occupy the bigger kids. 

Town Basin

A 'destination playground' at the Town Basin is our biggest playground. It has separate junior and senior areas and a wide range of equipment in a great environment that everyone can enjoy. 

A Liberty swing is available for people in wheelchairs. The swing opens at approximately 7:00am and locked up again in the evening at 6:00pm by the Town Basin security guard.

People can enjoy a meal at the public barbecue and from there it is only a short walk to the sculpture park and trail beside the river.

For more information about the Town Basin, follow the link below.

If you notice parks or playgrounds in need of repair or attention, please contact us.

Phone: +64 9 430 4200
Email:   mailroom@wdc.govt.nz  

The location of our playgrounds and skateboard parks is shown on the map below. Click on any of the icons to see the location and a short description of the equipment provided. 

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