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This page contains information about the process for erecting a headstone or memorial for a loved one in any of Council's cemeteries.
Updated: 3/09/2018 3:14 p.m.


Although we encourage people to commemorate their loved one in a personal way there are some regulations in regards to the erection of memorials in our cemeteries.

Headstones or monuments can be erected at any time after the purchase of the plot. Sometimes this is before burial of a body or ashes, sometimes after.

We suggest that you consider contacting a monumental mason as all installations are to be carried out by a council approved monumental installer to comply with regulations. 

The installer will need to show that they understand the regulations set out in the Burial and Cremation Act 1964 and the New Zealand Standard for Monuments NZS 4242.

A monumental mason can apply for a permit on your behalf and also assist with arranging the installation of an Veteran's plaque if required.

To find out more information, please contact the cemetery office.

We reserve the right to remove headstones or monuments erected without a permit or that do not adhere to the rules and regulations of the permit.

Maunu Stillborn Memorial Tree

The Maunu Stillborn Memorial Tree is a special place where we offer the opportunity for families to have a memorial for babies who have not necessarily been buried at the Maunu cemetery. This is a free service.

Memorial options

There are a number of different options available to memorialise your loved ones, particular those who do not have their own place of remembrance.

Maunu Cemetery

Robinson Memorial Book

A large, granite, book shaped memorial, upon which indivdual plaques may be attached. Located next to the Glades of Remembrance and Chapel.

For enquires about the Robinson Memorial Book, you can contact the Cemetery Office or Robinson Memorials directly.

Robinson Memorials
8 Maunu Road
Phone: +64 9 438 3201

Book of Remembrance

Recently moved into it's own building, the Book of Remembrance can now be found inside the old Town Basin Information Kiosk located on the Maunu Cemetery grounds.

Along with refurbishment, the building is now surrounded by newly installed gardens, signage and pathway. Open everyday, the book now displays two weeks of memories at a time.

Kamo Cemetery

Memorial Trees, Roses and Rhododendrons

At Kamo Cemetery a range of trees, roses and rhododendrons are available for you to choose from. A memorial stone, of which there are a variety for you to choose from, may be installed for you to personalise.

Maunu, Kamo and Onerahi

At any of our operational cemeteries, an ash berm plot may be purchased and a memorial stone erected although ashes may not have been interred.

Memorial Benches are also available, installed in a place of your chosing from range of suitable spots. Each bench has a small plaque attached which you may personalise.

Contact us

For more information about any of the memorial options available, contact the Cemetery Office.

Cemetery Manager
Whangarei District Council
Private Bag 9023
Whangarei 0148

Phone:  +64 9 430 4207

Email:   mailroom@wdc.govt.nz



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