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Kamo (Ketenikau) Cemetery

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This page contains information about the cemetery at Kamo.
Updated: 18/12/2018 8:35 a.m.

Kamo Cemetery is situated in Ketenikau Road, Kamo

One of the smaller Council cemeteries, Kamo has very strong connections with the local Kamo community and a number of prominent families can be identified from the headstones and memorials.


Mr Thomas Wakelin the first butcher in Whangarei, bought Ketenikau Hill under condition from local Māori that he would not desecrate the graves. Ketenikau was traditionally a Māori cemetery until the death of young Ada, daughter of Mr and Mrs Holman.

When Ada Holman died she was refused burial at the Christ Church graveyard because she had not been christened. Mr Holman decided to ask the local Pohe tribe chief, Merie Te Puiha, if he could bury his daughter in the cemetery.

The chief agreed and in 1882 the first white child was buried in the grounds. After this Mr Holman negotiated to purchase a quarter of an acre for a Pakeha cemetery.

The cemetery’s establishment was aided by Mr Holman’s father, James Whitelaw, William and James Carruth, Mr Walton, Mr Barnes and Mr Bethels.

Mrs Holman then set out to raise fifty pounds for a chapel to be built, giving any of those who donated one pound or more a guaranteed family plot in the cemetery.

Unfortunately, the money was destroyed in the 1889 Kamo Hall fire, where it was being kept for safe keeping and the chapel was never built.

The cemetery today

This cemetery has now reached burial capacity but ash burial plots are still available. Memorial trees are also available in this cemetery; our team would be happy to help with further detail.

To view a map of the cemetery, follow the link below.

Kamo Cemetery Plan [2.44mb]

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