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This page contains information about how to organise a cremation and disposal of ashes in any of Council's cemeteries.
Updated: 5/12/2017 3:34 p.m.

All cremations are carried out in accordance with the Burial and Cremation Act 1964.

The Maunu crematorium chapel is set in glades of native bush and is available for small family services.

The chapel has facilities for playing music and the recording of a service.

We have a joint venture partnership with Maunu Crematorium Ltd who run the crematorium operation.

Public facilities have been improved including the installation of a new cremator at the crematorium and upgrading of the chapel and facilities, including the audiovisual equipment, air conditioning and public toilets.

Booking the crematorium

Arrangements are often made by a funeral director, but people can book directly by contacting the crematorium booking service.
Phone: +64 9 430 4207.

Disposal of ashes

There are a number of options to consider in regard to the disposal of ashes.

Ashes may be scattered or interred, in an existing plot or a new plot, in a cemetery or in another place of significance.

For disposal of ashes in a Council Cemetery

For cremations that took place at the Maunu crematorium before 26 April 2010, fees for the scattering or interment of ashes are included in the cremation fees.

For ashes from any source other than Maunu crematorium, or for cremations that took place at Maunu crematorium after 26 April 2010, fees apply.

If ashes are to be interred in a new plot an appointment should be made with the cemetery manager to arrange the purchase of the plot. Plots are available at Maunu, Kamo and Onerahi Cemeteries.

For all ash interments and scatterings, the Application for Burial Warrant will need to be completed. 

Application for Cemetery Burial Warrant [33kb]

If you need to purchase a new plot or pay the interment/scattering fee, the Cemetery Payment Form needs to be completed.

Cemetery Purchase Form [145kb]

For any plot purchased more than 3 months from the intended date of interment, the Authority to Open a Plot form has to be completed.

Authority to Open a Plot​ [32kb]


Bookings for the interment or scattering of ashes should be made with the cemetery staff.  Staff will require 48 hours notice for the preparation of plots for the interment of ashes.

When the plot is prepared, the turf is lifted and soil deposited in a soil container which is left adjacent to the plot. When the interment takes place the ashes should be placed into the plot and the soil used to backfill. Cemetery staff will make good any site the following working day.


It may be preferable for ashes to be held at home or scattered in an alternative place of meaning. In these circumstances it is often still desirable to have a place of memorialisation and this is also available in our cemeteries.

Ash burial plots for the purposes of memorialisation only are available at our Maunu, Onerahi and Kamo cemeteries and the Robinson Memorial Book, our memorial wall upon which individual plaques may be placed, is located at the Maunu cemetery. The cemetery team would be happy to help with these choices.

Contacting Cemetery Staff

Cemetery staff can be contacted on 09 430 4207. 

All forms and payments should be returned to our customer services centre or mailed to:

Cemetery Administration
Whangarei District Council
Private Bag 9023
Whangarei 0148



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